Crane solutions at a HIGH level

We offer our customers the most reliable and state-of-the-art crane solutions. With our experienced team and modern fleet of cranes, we are able to meet the largest and most complex lifting and moving needs. 


60 tonnes is no obstacle

The Tadano Faun 60 tonne capacity crane has no obstacles. 

  • 48 m reach of crane
  • max. 42 t lifting
  • base area 8*8 m
  • 2.7 m width

55-tonne Liebherr

We have a Liebherr 55 tonne crane to meet most needs.

  • 40 m crane reach
  • max. 32 t lifting
  • base area 8*8 m
  • 2.7 m width
Daruzás Balatonfüred

35 Tonne Scania

Champion of small and medium tasks and small streets. 

  • 30 m reach of crane
  • max. 15 t lifting
  • base area 7*8 m
  • 2.5 m width
kisdarus mont

Mercedes basket lift

  • 20 m high lift
  • lateral overhang 7 m
  • max. basket load 200 kg
  • available with operator only
  • operator+1 person in the basket

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